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The idea to launch Digital Strategi occurred to Allan Russel when he was leading the set-up of a digital sales structure for one of Sweden’s leading mobile operators. His business idea was as simple as it was genius – to bring together a core of senior specialists who can develop realisable, cutting edge strategies for long-term growth. And then to set up a dedicated team who can implement this strategy on site with customers in the form of smaller and manageable projects. When growth comes, it generates the calm required to grapple with those truly tough challenges – to make technologies, people and processes work in harmony. In an agile manner and across functionalities. And in an employee-led fashion. Allan looked for companies who could deliver something resembling his vision, but his search came up empty. As the true entrepreneur that he is, he recognised that many others must be stuck with the same need. And so Digital Strategi was born.

Today, we live by what we preach. We have opted to grow organically in line with our assignments around the same principle – Results. Together. Ever since our beginnings, we have grown profitably. It is our firm conviction that a business must be profitable in order to be successful long-term. We understand that transformative change is based on so much more than just the resources to hand, technological platforms or consultancy on its own.

We have built our method based on the key lesson we learned from helping large companies to increase their digital maturity – that digital maturation is a gradual process. Every level brings new challenges which need to be bridged. Every step towards digital maturity brings increased complexity in its wake. The reason is that dependencies within the company become clear and the need for functioning processes becomes crucial for new steps in development. Simply put – Results. Together.

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