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Our history

The idea of setting up Digital Strategi came to Allan Russel when he was leading the development of digital sales for one of Sweden’s leading mobile phone operators. The business concept is as simple as it is inspired – to assemble senior specialists to craft a strategy for long-term growth. Then to put together a crack team to work on-site with the client and implement the strategy as smaller, more manageable projects. As the growth happens, this creates the space to tackle the really tough challenges, and to get the technology, people and processes working together – in an agile and cross-functional way, leaving the employees fully equipped to manage everything themselves from here on in. Allan searched for companies that could deliver something along these lines, but drew a blank. True entrepreneur that he is, he realised there had to be more businesses out there with the same needs. The rest, as they say, is history.

And now we practise what we preach. We have chosen to grow at the pace of our business, according to the same principle – Results. Together. Since the very beginning we have enjoyed profitable growth. It is our firm belief that a business must be profitable to be a long-term success. We know that real change is based on much more than just providing resources, technical platforms or advice.

We have based our delivery method on the insight that we have gained from helping large businesses to improve their digital maturity. The takeaway is: digital maturity develops gradually. Every step of the way, there are new challenges that have to be overcome. And as digital maturity increases, so does the complexity. The interdependence between different parts of the business soon becomes crystal clear, and processes for working together are crucial in enabling continued advances to be made. In short – Results. Together.

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We have helped a number of leading brands since we started in 2011 and have always delivered on our value proposition – Results. Together.