Just before Christmas, we received our very own Christmas present.  It’s now clear that we have been appointed as a DI Gasell 2021 company for the fourth year in a row.

As you may know, DI Gasell is a bit of a modern institution that has existed since 2000. Behind the initiative, which draws attention to Sweden’s fastest growing companies, is the business newspaper Dagens Industri.

The criteria for being appointed includes being able to increase the company’s turnover every year for the past three years, but also about having sound finances and on the whole, having grown organically, i.e. not through acquisitions or mergers. Less than one percent of Sweden’s limited companies meet these requirements.

So naturally, having once again managed to bring this home feels amazing. Above all, DI Gasell is a fantastic rating for all the hard work and effort we put into our business. We are so proud and happy not only for our success but also in the work we do for you as a customer.

About Digital Strategi

Digital Strategy is a digital transformation agency that develops our clients’ employees, technology and business processes so that their digital business potential can be fully realized. Digital Strategi Skandinavien AB is partner-owned and has since the start in 2011 grown profitably and today runs successful customer assignments in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and France.