Our media landscape is in flux and reaching a broad audience can be a slippery task to contend with. But there is nothing new about that. It has been this way for a while now. Our experience is that there are no silver bullets or cheat sheets that will bring guaranteed success. You need the technology, the right skills and the proper processes in place. A huge challenge in and of itself. Our entire business model here at DS is based around that fact and so we are utterly convinced that the surest path to success is to proceed together. Initially, our team will lead the work on site at your business, taking care of all the practical work. Our aim here is to create a rapid effect and thus create the right conditions to bring in time and resources to work on the long-term and often more difficult matters. Our work takes the form of three clear deliverables: growth, internal capability building and the establishment of processes. Or to put it another way: we increase sales, secure technologies and train up internal skills.

All conversions from traditional to digital marketing and sales are based on five steps.

1. Understand your audience – what form does your customer journey take and how do your marketing communications affect it? It is the same old story as before, but now with access to data on an almost overwhelming scale. Used correctly, it will be worth its weight in gold. It can be used to garner insights. Based on your own data and from external sources.

2. Create a positive customer experience – In short: It all needs to come together. From the minute you pique my interest through to my interaction with your customer service team. That positive feeling is what keeps me coming back. The new thing here is that I will no longer be comparing you only with your closest competitors. I will be comparing you with my best customer experiences across all categories. It is no longer enough to be the best in your sector – you need to strive towards loftier ambitions.
Your communications need to be relevant. In a digital world, this means using data-driven insights to adapt your message and channel based on what you know about the target group I am a part of. In other words: right message, right place, right time.

3. Max your reach and effect – There are some great tools available to max your media investments and attain the greatest possible effect by making use of smart channel collaborations and finding the right frequency.

4. Measure the value of every interaction – Your customers will use different devices (mobiles, tablets, TVs, computers, etc) and different channels (apps, website, social media, etc). To get an understanding for how these interactions and choices of channel interrelate throughout the purchasing process, we use a variety of different attribution models.
These can be used to calibrate your budget in a meaningful and sensible way that will produce results.

5. Automation – Switching from intermittent campaigns to always-on mode can be resource-intensive, especially if it comes on top of an already hectic workload. The way forward is to use technologies and methodologies for automation. Not just for cost reasons, but also to create consistent, usable and personal customer experiences that you can scale up when necessary. This will give you a solid foundation for attaining success and boosting your profitability.

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