Hey, Kristin Molin! What is your role at Digital Strategi?

I work as a Digital Strategist with particular focus on loyalty and retention. My primary role on site with our clients is to identify ways that we can jointly create the right conditions for a better customer experience so that the customer will stick around longer and engage more. An important part of ensuring satisfied customers is to develop an understanding of existing customers via data and also to better comprehend what drives and motivates a customer to purchase a product or service. This can then be used as a foundation for developing more relevant communications, products or services. By taking customer data as our starting point, it is possible to more easily create relevant segments to work towards as well as models for the calculation of metrics such as churn and probability of purchase. An important part of my job is also setting goals together with our customers in order to constantly evaluate and optimise the various efforts being taken and to present proposals as to how they can improve their digital cultivation of existing customers.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I am working intensively with a customer of ours to implement and also optimise their customer communications using a marketing automation tool. In order to succeed in this project, it is of huge importance that we adopt a cross-functional approach that draws on skills from multiple different departments. It is a project where we can clearly recognise the importance of combining marketing, analysis and sales in order to level up the customer experience and increase sales.

In order to succeed in bringing about the change that we want to see, it is incredibly clear to us that knowledge about both the customer and their behaviour, combined with relevant communications and an effective sales organisation, will all be key components. In close collaboration with our customer, we have set a goal to jointly establish an approach which will boost customer benefit in the long run and develop their digital cultivation work via tools such as market automation, among others, in order to drive up sales going forward.

What led the client to realise they were in need of our help?

After implementing a new marketing automation system, our client realised that it was possible to take a more tailored approach to their customer communication efforts. They recognised that they lacked competencies in terms of which customers they should work on, why they should work on them and by what means.

What will be the impact of this project?

Because we here at DSS are involved in the entire project, from start to finish, we are able to really get involved and help improve our customer’s processes. This means that they learn some valuable lessons, such as the importance of starting with the customer, their needs and behaviours to create a long-term relationship. I think that the following succinctly sums up what is most important in creating loyal customers: It is not just the customer that needs to be loyal to the company, but also the company that needs to be loyal to the customer. This clearly proves that knowledge about our client is important in order to understand how we as a business should act.

An important success factor which our client took away as a lesson was that they will now work as a cross-functional team towards defined and measurable KPIs. Through weekly follow-ups, they will work to constantly optimise and adapt their communications aimed at different customers in order to make sure they become even more relevant to the recipient.

Another lesson that our client has taken away is that they will now possess the right skills to understand the importance of getting their cultivation efforts right on the basis of a customer-profitability perspective.

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